Thinking About Retirement

old man

Nearly all of us will retire at some time. Some people work on way past retirement age, and some people never retire, but for a large part of the population the day we walk out of your workplace can’t come soon enough. But not many of us consider what life will really be like once we stop working. 

old manThe truth is that by the time we are eligible for retirement most of us have become so set in out routines that it comes as a great shock to have so much free time on our hands. Many retirees suffer from a lack of direction, and some actually miss the structure that a regular job provided. This is why it is important to consider a hobby or pastime which will keep our minds and bodies active in our later years. If you’ve never considered your options take  look at the following suggestions:

Travel: Many of us dream of seeing the world but life, love, and the pursuit of security can prohibit our dreams through our working life.  Travelling in retirement is becoming more and more popular, and an entire industry has been developed to cater for the older traveller. The truth is a 70 year old adventurer may not have the same interests as a 25 year old, and many older travellers would much prefer to be in the company of others with a similar age and similar mindset. Luckily there are great options available for senior group travel including: cruise, rail, and bus trips. Also, there are travel agents who specialise in mature singles holidays, or mature only accommodation. So if you want to spend a week skiing in the French Alps it is now possible be be in an exclusively seniors only resort and socialise with other like minded travellers.

Sport/Keep-fit: More and more retirees are realising the benefits, both physical and metal, that a healthy lifestyle can bring. The prospect of retiring only to discover that one’s health is deteriorating can be a tragic blow to may senior citizens. The one best single way to maintain a great quality of life in old age is to become involved in regular exercise. Many retirees are now re-defining the idea of what a pensioner can do. In the past decade the popularity of keep-fit among senior citizens has seen a new breed of super-fit people in their 70s and 80s. Among this group life expectancy is predicted to stretch way beyond the traditional morns, but more importantly, the quality of senior life is set to be transformed forever.

retirementHobbyist: Today’s seniors are more than just coin collectors or amateur gardeners. There are so many possible hobbies out there. One very attractive interest is classic car ownership. It might have a bit of a price tag attached but it can be very rewarding fixing up a beautiful old car. There are companies like Cavallino Motorsport which can provide quality used Ferrari parts at a reasonable price, and there are always readshows and classic car fairs throughout the country every year.