stair lift in living room with sofa Woman in stair lift, husband reading paper

Stair Lifts for the Elderly

As we get older the problems of getting upstairs might become harder and often one has to think of either moving to a bungalow or installing a stairlift. Obviously the latter is a not only a much cheaper option but it avoids the stress of moving and allows you to continue to enjoy the home you’ve probably come to love.

Stair lifts for the elderly are mobility devices that have transformed the lives of many elderly people who have difficulty climbing the stairs. This makes living in a two or three storey house feasible even for older age groups. Stair lifts consist of a chair attached to an electric rail that is fitted to the wall alongside a staircase. The elderly person can sit on the seat and, when a button is pressed, the lift will convey the chair and the elderly person safely up or down the stairs. The staircase may be straight, curved or even spiral. Stair lifts for the elderly or disabled can be fitted to any type of staircase, although stair lifts for curved or spiral staircases are likely to be more expensive because the installation is more complex and labour intensive. 90-degree and 180-degree swivel seats are also available, which makes it even more comfortable and flexible.

Stair lifts are easy to install, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Even circular stairs can be fitted with a stair lift. Stair lifts for the elderly should always have built in safety features for added security such as sensors, buttons or remote control devices for automatically starting and stopping. A battery or battery / mains model should also be considered to cater for possible power cuts, which will allow the lift to be used for a reasonable period when there is no power. If the elderly person needs the use of a wheelchair the lift will bring them downstairs and turn the seat so that they are positioned correctly to be able to reach their wheelchair in safety.

One the main things that persuades people to install stair lifts for the elderly in their homes is the consideration that it allows elderly people to continue living in their own homes and maintain their independence for a good while longer. In some cases, funding assistance may be available to help finance the installation of a stair lift.

When considering a stair lift, think about the features you need and then seek out the models which would be suitable. Ascertain whether your staircase will need a curved track or perhaps an unloading platform (see info on reconditioned stairlifts page for the platform option). Once you have a reasonable idea of the above considerations you can then decide on whether a reconditions stair lift would be desirable or not. Contacting a reputable company to ask any questions you may not be able to answer immediately is a good idea.

Check out the home page and our data on reconditioned stairlifts for more information and ideas on features available and what it will cost to get you up and running.