Reconditioned Stair lifts

A stair lift can make a huge difference to the lives of people who, through accident, illness or infirmity, become unable to get up and down the stairs in their homes. They can greatly improve the quality of life for these people. In many cases, fitting a stair lift has allowed people with limited mobility to remain in their own homes rather than having to move out to a bungalow or flat. However, they can be expensive and not everyone can afford to purchase a brand new model. Many people, therefore, consider buying second hand or reconditioned mobility units as a cheaper option to purchasing a new one.

The case for a reconditioned stair lift

It’s hard to find any real negatives when considering the option of a used stair lift. Many have quite short lives for obvious reasons and will inevitably be returned for re-sale often at hugely reduced prices and in excellent condition.
Providing you contact a reputable company when considering this option you should be able to find a suitable option. Here are some things to consider:


    • Far cheaper than new (see below).
    • A reputable company will supply a decent warranty and fast callout (always make sure they do before committing).
    • Will be serviced / refurbished to a high standard.
    • Many different models and features to choose from.


    • Non reputable companies may not supply you with a decent example.
    • Curved stair runs may need a bespoke track which will cost more (always consider a platform option to avoid this if possible – see below).

We would advise that when searching for reputable sources that you be wary of some so called stair lift comparison sites, these can often be bogus sites which are designed to get your email address. Charity or disabled sites will often give you some idea of the good companies to deal with.

The platform option

Most stairs will have some kind of curve at the top of the stairs. This of course could be served by a curved track but often the solution to this is to put a platform which can be lowered allowing you to step off the lift. This is a vastly cheaper option to having a curved track but you may also find that the company may be able to accommodate some typical top curves with pre-made tracks.

What will it cost?

On the home page you will see an example of the main manufacturers’ prices for new models. As an example we have researched some typical prices you can expect to pay for used models. These are just a rough guide but they are pretty much in the right ball park of what you should find acceptable. If you have a curved run and it’s unavoidable then make sure you negotiate strongly as the market is competitive enough for many companies to give you a very good deal. In all cases, a reputable company will carry out a detailed survey of your staircase and discuss your options in full.

Brooks (£895)
100% British made
Toggle switch controls
Weight capacity 21 Stone
Battery Powered

Minivator 950 (£895)
Swivel seat
Ability to personalise
Very versatile
Neutral colour

Cumbria (£895)
Battery or mains Operated
Push button controls
Slim in design
Stand/Perch lift available

Stannah (£995)
Mains powered
Choice of colours
Wall controls
Directional controls

When considering a used stair lift, it is important to remember that you might not always be able to get the latest accessories and features that would come as standard with a brand new stair lift. However, once you’ve decided what features you require it should be entirely possible to find a model that meets most if not all your requirements amongst the current stock of refurbished stair lifts. Again make sure you deal with a reputable company and that you discuss service and warranty terms in full.
It is a good idea to take out a contract for regular servicing and maintenance of your mobility unit.