3 Irrefutable Benefits of Noise Control in an Aged Care Centre  


Getting old isn’t easy, though like it or not it’s something that we all must face someday. And then of course, most of us will end up in an aged care centre, which we all dread. Most aged care centres are brilliant and offer the best environment for an elderly person to be in, however some are not so great. Let’s look at soundproofing for example; You’d think that there could be worse things, however poorly optimised acoustics in an aged care centre can have terribly negative effects on the elderly residents. In this article we’re going to look at the benefits of noise control in an aged care centre.   

soundproof1 – What Did You Say Dear?  

That’s right, the elderly struggle enough to hear as it is, without the added pressures of being in a terribly noise environment. One of the main benefits of having effective noise control in an aged care facility is being able to hear better. The noise control will ensure that conversations and laughter isn’t bouncing off every surface and echoing all around. In this case they’ll be able to hear themselves think and to focus easier on the conversations that they are having. Remember that those in a noisy environment will invariably speak louder in order to be heard, having a sort of snowball effect. You can alleviate this by having soundproofing installed.  

  2 – Less Stressful for Residents with Dementia  

Those who suffer from dementia are extremely sensitive to noise. We cannot state quite enough; how important it is to have quality soundproofing and noise-control in an aged care facility where many of the residents have dementia. Their inherent sensitivity to noise can trigger frustration, particularly when they struggle to hear. That and when there are many different noises going on all around them it becomes difficult for them to differentiate which can heighten their confusion. This often leads to aggressive outbursts which can be dangerous and unsettling. If, however, you install a well-optimised acoustics system, you can make your residents feel significantly more comfortable. 

soundproof room3 – A Better Service from Your Carers  

In order to ensure that your carers can offer the best possible service for your residents, they need to be able to hear them properly. So, when asking residents various questions, it will significantly reduce the chances of any mistakes being made. On the other hand, in an unnecessarily noisy environment, it can be much easier to misinterpret a request and make mistakes. In addition to that, a quieter environment is a calmer environment and that is much better for stress levels and morale. A residential facility should be a calm and peaceful environment for everyone to enjoy.  

If you’re interested in exploring such services further, then you should get in contact with a reputable and reliable company such as SoundFix Acoustics. You have a duty of care to your residents so you should endeavour to create the most comfortable and enriching environment for them as you can.