Stair Lift Prices UK and AUS

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What are the most important factors that affect stair lift prices? This article explains some of the considerations that you will need to take into account when you are budgeting for a new stair lift. We look at the different types of stair lifts that are available today to help you decide what is best for your requirements. We also discuss the various factors that are likely to affect the prices you will have to pay, and consider some of the problems that may be worrying you regarding stair lift installation.

Below are some prices for typical stair lift installations in the UK and AUS, for both straight and curved run models.

Straight Run (UK) Price Features
Stannah £1495 Swivel seat
Battery powered
Remote control
One step easy folding
Brooks £1400 Quick installation
Capacity 127Kgs
Diagnostic display
Safety sensors
Bison 50 £1495 Variable seat height
Powered footrests
Narrow rail with hidden rack
No overhang needed
Homeglide Access £1595 Smooth start-stop
Automatic safety cut-out
Electronic and mechanical braking
Remote control
Minivator Simplicitiy 950 £1625 Adjustable seat height
When folded only 285mm
Safety seat belt
Most staircase angle 50º
Curved Run (UK)
Bison 80 £3000 Swivel chair
Remote control
Manual swivel seat
Simple controls
Liberator £3400 Battery Powered
Easy switch controls
Choice of upholstery colours
Easy touch directional buttons
Platinum £3400 DC Battery
Control joystick
Small profile
Safety sensors
Straight Run (AUS) Price Features
The AmeriGlide Rave $2,149.00 Ultra-compact
User weight up to 350lbs
Built for long life
Seat swivels either way
Rubex Battery Powered Stair Lift $1,889.00 Batteries charge anywhere on the rail
Easy self-installation
Sleek, slimline Design
Built in safety features
Acorn 120 Stair Lift $1,479 Sturdy hand control
90-day warranty
Footrest Safety Sensors
Basic Installation Included
Harmar Summit Series Stairlift SL350AC $2,249.00 Fast, easy installation
Mounts to the stairs
Control at top and bottom of stairs
Smooth starts and stops
Acorn Battery Powered Super Glide 120 Outdoor Model $2,895.00 Maintenance-free DC power
Paddle control
Lockable isolation switch
Slimline fold-away design
Curved Run (AUS)
Bruno Electra-Ride III CRE-2110 $10,000-$15,000 (custom made) 400 lb weight capacity
Stable ride from top to bottom
Folding Footrest
Larger Seats available

How stair lifts can help you

Stair lifts are an innovation in mobility solutions that have revolutionized the lives of many people who experience difficulty in climbing the stairs. Lifts can greatly improve quality of life, and in many cases, they have enabled people with limited mobility to stay in their homes rather than move to a flat or bungalow.

A stair lift is a mobility device that consists of a chair attached to an electric rail that is fitted to the staircase. A person can sit on the seat and, at the touch of a button, the lift will convey the chair and its occupant safely up or down the stairs. It does not matter whether the staircase is straight, curved or even spiral because stair lifts can be adapted to fit all kinds of staircases. It is even possible to install outdoor stair lifts for houses with outside steps to doors or for access to the garden.

Looking after yourself in your golden years is crucial, the best way to enjoy your retirement is to make life as easy as possible. Around 28-35% of people aged 65 and over suffer from falls globally, the highest fatality being on the stairs so installing a stair lift is advisable. You may also want to have an aged care specialist come to visit you in your home to discuss other accident preventative measures. In fact we know of one Melbourne aged care specialist who helps improve the home safety of the elderly thanks to training he received through a company offering aged care courses Melbourne wide. Something else that is important to consider is pensioner insurance as having a steady income and being covered for anything unexpected can help you sleep easily at night. All pensioners should have insurance, as you are coming to the long rest ahead the last thing you really want would be to have your beloved family having to foot the cost of a funeral and the expense of your final resting place, which can be a large amount of money when you are looking at using the finest stone or granite headstones or using the expertise of a trusted stonemason.

How do they work?

A lift motor runs on low-voltage DC power using a 13 amp socket, which means that stair lifts are energy efficient and comparable to an electric kettle in terms of running costs. The motor is backed up by a rechargeable battery that automatically recharges when not in use so that the stair lift can carry on working even in the event of a power cut. Stair lifts don’t take up much space, and only require a rail to be fixed in an unobtrusive way by the side of the staircase. The rail is fitted to the stairs rather than to the wall, so there is no need to worry about your walls being unable to support the weight of the stair lift, or about causing damage to the walls. Stair lift rails are made from steel or aluminium. Steel is usually preferred for curved and complex staircases, aluminium for more straightforward installations.

Modern stair lift seats have arm and foot rests that can be folded up when not in use so they will not obstruct the stairs for other people. They are fitted with swivel seats that give greater comfort and flexibility to the user. The stair lift is operated by simple up and down switches set into the arm of the chair. The switches are designed to work with minimum pressure for ease of use, even for people who are visually impaired or who are suffering from arthritis. Remote controls, similar to a TV remote, are also supplied so that the chair can be operated remotely, perhaps to send items up or down the stairs on the stair lift rather than having to carry them.

Factors affecting prices

Although this is a relatively new technology, stair lift prices are already coming down as more and more people realize the benefits of stair lifts for the elderly and the ways in which they can help disabled people to live more active lives. The most significant factor in determining prices is the installation procedure. In each case, the installation will have different considerations, so stair lifts prices will vary according to the type of installation required and the amount of labour necessary to complete the job. Although stair lifts can be fitted to any kind of staircase, it should be borne in mind that prices for a curved or spiral staircase are likely to be higher because the installation procedure is more complex. When you contact a stair lift company with an enquiry about having a stair lift fitted, a representative will personally visit you in your home to discuss your requirements and give you a free quote. If you agree to go ahead, the representative will take measurements of your staircase in order to make a precise computerized diagram of your stairs. The manufacturer can then work from the computer model to make your stair lift to the exact specifications of your staircase. After testing in the factory, the lift will be delivered to your home and installed by professional fitters. You will also be given a thorough demonstration of how the stair lift should be operated. Some stair lifts require very little preparation and are easy to install. Typically these are for straight staircases which require a simple rail attachment. It may even be possible to purchase DIY products for straight stair lifts, and this will reduce the costs considerably. However, no manufacturer offers a do it yourself product for curved or spiral stairs as these are much more complicated and require a customized installation procedure. The time taken to complete the installation will also vary according to the complexity of the job and the type of staircases involved. Stair lifts for a straight staircase can generally be prepared within two weeks and fitted within a couple of hours. In the case of a complicated curved or spiral staircase, it will take longer to complete the delivery and installation. The cost of installing your stair lift may be covered in the best retirement plans by pension Annuity Calculator and pensioners insurance. You may also qualify for VAT exemption if the stair lift is for domestic use by a person with a chronic illness or disability. Remember to check with the stair lift company that their services qualify for VAT relief. A final point to bear in mind is that stair lifts are also available for rent, which could be ideal if someone needs the stair lift for the short-term, perhaps when recovering from surgery. When considering stair lifts prices, it makes sense to compare the different manufacturers and to create a budget to find the right stair lift to suit your requirements.

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